Portfolio Category: Wellness Shots

A must in your shot portfolio.

An excellent injection of vitamins and nutrients for your body.

You will find only natural ingredients that take care of immunity, stimulate the body and support concentration.

A must in your shot portfolio.

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Private Label Shots

This is our premium Private Label Functional Shots portfolio. We pride ourselves on meticulously formulating each product to ensure that you experience the ultimate fusion of health and vitality. Our range of meticulously crafted shots and supplements is designed to invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. Discover a world of natural ingredients, carefully selected to […]

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Ginger Shot, Curcuma Shot, Beauty Shot, Focus Shot
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Wellness Shots

Ginger Shot and Curcuma Shot are essential in your shot portfolio.

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Energy Shots

Supercharge Your Brand with Private Label Energy Shots!

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Colorful Energy

Tap into the rising trend of convenient and wholesome energy solutions to enhance your brand’s visibility.

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Incoming Concepts

Answer the surging demand for convenient and health-conscious energy solutions by adding our top-quality 100ml and 60ml shots to your product range.

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