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Boost Your Brand with Private Label Hangover Prevention Shots!

Elevate your product line and capture the wellness market by offering your own branded hangover prevention shots.

Our premium, dietary supplement shot is designed to help your customers enjoy their celebrations while minimizing the morning-after effects. We provide two lines of hangover prevention- to drink before and after drinking alcohol.

With your label front, you’ll provide a valuable solution and leave a lasting impression.

Shot drink before party contains curcumin which helps with hangover prevention.

Due to high consumption of alcohol in Europe consumers are seeking products that prevent hangover. Demand for this kind of products is rising.

According to Eurostat €128 billion was spent on alcoholic beverages in the European Union in 2021 alone. Polish households spend on average 3.7% of their household budget on alcoholic beverages.

The research highlights the scale of the demand for measures to help prevent and treat hangovers. This data paints a broad picture of the alcohol market and makes it clear that the market is growing continuously. As a result, there is an increased need for dietary supplement shot that cure hangovers. Private label shot copacking provided by Chias Brothers Europe meets this demand.

Private Label opportunity

With private label manufacturing you can stand out in your domestic market. Your possibilities are limitless, you can also conquer foreign markets. Our private label shot copacking gives you a possibility to have control over your branding.


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