Build functional shot shelfs using our high-performing portfolio or develop a new recipe.
Look what - Shot Copacking Services - we can offer to stand out from the competition.
Private Label Shot Manufacturing

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Private Label Shot Manufacturing

Private Label Shot Manufacturing Services

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We see, that you are looking for a reliable Shot Copacker and Private Label Shot Manufacturing Services. You couldn’t have made a better choice – meet your future shot copacker!

You could see some of our projects above. Explore our impressive portfolio showcasing our expertise and commitment to quality.

Contact us today to discover how our solutions can elevate your brand. Trust our industry-leading services for exceptional results and a partnership that thrives.

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Functional Shots

Firstly, as an experienced shot copacker, we prioritize the inclusion of Ginger Shots and Turmeric Shots in your product lineup. These two SKUs are a must in the portfolio, but we understand the need for a comprehensive client offering.

Seconldy, within our Wellness Portfolio, discover an array of natural ingredients designed to boost immunity, invigorate the body, and enhance concentration. Utilize our high-performing portfolio to assemble functional shot shelves or collaborate with us to develop a new, standout recipe. Chias Brothers, your trusted shot copacker, presents a range of solutions to distinguish your company in a competitive market.

Private Label Shot Manufacturing

Thirdly, beyond our standard offerings, our extensive capabilities in new product development (NPD) empower us to transform your product ideas into reality. Explore our upcoming concepts in the pipeline through our ’Incoming Concepts’ section.

Above all, take a closer look at our services, and reach out to us for a detailed discussion or to schedule a meeting. Partner with us for all your Shot Copacking needs, whether it’s Ginger Shot Manufacturing or Curcuma Shot Manufacturing.